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what we offer

Leveraging our 7+ years of experience in Design Thinking, Workshop facilitation and a strong team, we have put together an effective and creative online/remote learning program. 

The remote advantage

  • Diverse set of expertise in 1 workshop (multiple facilitators for each workshop)
  • Personalied and contextualized learning
  • Project based learning with tangible business outcomes 
  • Significantly lesser costs 
  • Digital certification

We have customised workshops for different sectors, business functions and hierarchies. As part of the workshop, the participants learn about Design Thinking and Creative Problem Solving through interactive case studies, apply Design Thinking on a practice challenge and towards the end, prepare a roadmap for adopting Design Thinking principles in their work. After the workshop, you can expect the participants to be

  • More curious about root causes of problems and seek different stakeholder perspectives
  • Confident in exploring creative ideas and, collaborate effectively to build solutions
  • Agile and experimental in their approach

Learning Journeys are a blend of our consulting and capability building offerings. This model is ideal for organizations looking to build real solutions to their challenges while developing creative problem solving skills in their teams. These are customized modules, usually spanning over 6 to 8 weeks with 3 workshops interspersed with on-ground group work mentored by experienced practitioners.

Like is said "It takes a village to raise a child", so does it take a whole organization to nurture innovation. We help organizations (re)design their processes (project management, resource allocation etc), policies (employee assessment, rewards et al) and structures (reporting, functions/departments etc.), thereby developing a conducive environment for user centered innovation. Organizations can expect to achieve improved customer centricity, a clear structured approach to innovation, and a measurable growth in new ideas and experiments.
what to expect

Industry/Function Contextualization

We believe the way Design Thinking can add value to a technology company is very different from how it would play out for a retail company or a social impact organisation. And similarly it varies across functions like engineering, marketing, operations etc. We place heavy emphasis on contextualising Design Thinking for different sectors and business functions.

Diverse Facilitator Backgrounds

Our workshops are always conducted by a set of two to three facilitators, from mixed backgrounds like design strategy, business and engineering, and human psychology.

High Engagement Learning Experience

We maintain that Design Thinking cannot be instructionally ‘taught’, so we craft hands-on learning experiences based on 3H model- Head (intellectual or conceptual understanding), Heart (excitement or emotional connect with the subject), Hands (tools and techniques to build hands-on confidence).

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