Diversifying from products to services




Feb, 2016


BabyOye had a solid physical and online retail presence - with this user-base, they were toying with the question “what more can we do for our users - are there opportunities for service innovation?”


Validated opportunity-spaces with solution concepts visualized and presented to the top management including Anand Mahindra


New Product Design, Service Design

Mahindra as a brand is known to take “innovation” very seriously and the group has designed multiple initiatives to spur collaborative innovation across the conglomerate - one such initiative was led by Mahindra Partners (Private Equity and Venture Capital Division of Mahindra Group).  They were looking for unique solution concepts with great market potential.

A diverse team of leaders from Mahindra Global Strategy Office, Mahindra Retail, BabyOye and Tech Mahindra decided to take on this challenge. Their master problem statement was:

“Is there an opportunity to provide relevant services leveraging the BabyOye platform and user base”

Their secondary research and analysis had indicated four opportunity areas, namely prenatal support, nanny services, wellness services and remote health monitoring. However, there was still a need to:

  • Validate the desirability in these areas,

  • Identify niche sub-zones within these areas, and

  • Conceptualize unique solutions

TinkerLabs approach: Leave no stone unturned (unheard)!

We decided to engage with every stakeholder from the four areas: hear their perspectives, pain-points, needs and aspirations.   

Within a span of 2 weeks, the team from TinkerLabs spread across 3 geographies to conduct 60 detailed empathetic interviews with diverse stakeholders such as: first time mothers, second time mothers, mothers-in-law living in metros, mothers-in-law living in tier-2 cities, fathers-in-law, young fathers, house helps, nannies, gynecologists, child psychologists, peer groups of young parents, BabyOye store executives and many others.

What happened on the ground:

We broke our approach into three short phases:

Week 1:
The exploratory research followed by synthesis to validate white spaces and visualize as-is (existing) scenarios such as a day in the life of a young mother, 9 months of pregnancy - mother’s journey and father’s journey amongst others  

Week 2:
Deep dive on validated and nuanced need areas to understand user behaviours and the “Why” of the understood need

Week 3:
Creative Ideation and Concept Development

Over the course of this project, we validated two of the four opportunity areas, nullified two and identified a new and unique area. By the end of the project - we had visualized 5 solution concepts in the form of storyboards and validated the same with user feedback.

What did we achieve:

There were many unique achievements of this project, to state a few:

  • By nullifying two business areas, we were able to save/avoid ‘bad investment’

  • We were able to stimulate, energize and give direction to the stakeholders with some unique and actionable insights from our work

  • Excited by this fresh approach and style of working, these executives invited us to present our work to the senior leadership including Anand Mahindra

Highlight of the project:

One week into the project, we had a meeting with the key internal stakeholders to give them an update on the progress and help them visualize the next phase of the project. Post our presentation, one of the executives from the Mahindra Private Equity team said, “This is very comprehensive work, how many months have you guys spent on this?” 😊

Diversifying for Product to Service.

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