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Jan, 2017


How to equip and support future leadership to deliver digital transformation projects for their clients


A Leadership team well equipped with the design thinking mantra to navigate Mindtree through the upcoming challenges in digital transformation projects


Experiential Workshops

As part of the ‘Digital Water Walkers’ program, next-generation leaders of Mindtree were being upskilled on their journey to assuming senior leadership positions in the organization. Digital transformation being a key agenda, Design Thinking was identified as one of the key enablers.

TinkerLabs approach- let them dive right in

These were experienced professionals we were supposed to be working with. From our past experience, we knew that (wo)men of action like action. Also, that they appreciate concepts, but itch to go beyond and see things in action. They are keen to draw contrasts and parallels between new concepts and proven methodologies like Agile, Lean, Six Sigma, etc. So, a Design Thinking experience for them had to be ‘real’. We designed a 2-day hands-on workshop for them, where they would apply Design Thinking on live challenges proposed by clients.

We also knew that senior leadership will play a critical role in this overall project and their buy-in would enable application of Design Thinking on Digital Transformation projects.

What happened on ground:

We conducted a 2 hours webinar on Design Thinking for the senior leadership of Mindtree - emphasizing on What, Why and How of Design Thinking for IT companies.

This built some initial excitement, leveraging which we were able to get access to real business challenges by two of Mindtree’s clients: P&G and BigBasket. These challenges became the core of our workshop.

With live involvement from clients, the workshop experience became richer and more real for the participants. Participants were pushed out of their classroom environment and into the field. They interacted with actual customers and end users. They rigorously followed the steps of the Design Thinking framework and arrived at innovative solutions.

Executives from P&G and BigBasket were invited to the last session of the workshop - where they got to witness not just the final solution but also the approach taken by the participants.

What did we achieve:

  • Senior Leadership excited about using Design Thinking on Digital Transformation projects

  • Future Leadership team well equipped to apply Design Thinking on Digital Transformation projects

  • Two marquee clients eager to engage further with Mindtree on design-led Digital Transformation.

Highlight of the project:

The remarks shared by the Head of Products & Design at BigBasket is one of our dear recollections of this project:

“I have seen many Design Thinking workshops, in fact have participated in some: most of the workshops focus on user research and problem definition; what I see today is very interesting because there is equal emphasis provided to user-testing and iterations - I am very happy to see that all teams went back to the users, did some real testing and refined their solutions”

Digital No Good Without Physical Research.

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