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Service Design

May, 2017


How can the CIO’s office of HCL leverage the power of Design Thinking to solve internal business challenges?


The internal consulting team from the CIO’s office is now the champion and fountainhead of Design Thinking within HCL


Experiential Workshops

Key trends in the IT Services industry: 

  • Clients (both internal and external) are now looking for innovative solutions instead of just implementation services
  • There is a sudden increase in demand for digital transformation-oriented projects 
  • Customer experience & user experience is gaining prominence 

Amidst all this, technology is getting commoditized 

The key question on any IT leader’s mind is around how to handle these challenges and for this, DT is considered a powerful approach. However, while organizations and their business leaders have been trying to find the best possible ways to harness the power of design, most of them are unable to do so. 

HCL’s CIO Office too had made attempts to incorporate Design Thinking in their ways of working and were hit by the above challenges.

TinkerLabs approach: Apply Design Thinking on HCL’s past Design Thinking adoption attempts: Understand what worked, what did not and why?

We connected with the leaders from CIO’s office to understand their objectives and past attempts made in this direction. These leaders introduced us to managers who had led projects where the Design Thinking approach was attempted. We had long meetings with these managers understanding in detail - the approach and every action taken in those projects.

Through this empathetic study, we understood that the CIO’s office was actually well versed with the tools and methods of Design Thinking - they had undergone trainings and had worked with an internal Design Thinking team on a few projects. What they were struggling with, was mapping the tools, methods, and frameworks on their projects. Essentially, the need was to contextualize Design Thinking for them.

What happened on ground:

We found out that the team from CIO’s office typically works on three kinds of projects:

  • New Product/Service Development (NPD)

  • Process Enhancement (PE)

  • Re-designing Customer Experience (CX)

We designed a 2-day experiential workshop for the internal consultants from the CIO Office with one core mandate: to give them a hands-on experience of applying Design Thinking on the projects from the three buckets - NPD, PE and CX.

We knew each of the three micro-challenges would require a different set of tools and techniques. To ensure that we provide a pure form of hands-on experience and provide the workshop participants the practice and confidence to apply Design Thinking on their business projects, we deployed a team of 3 facilitators for this 2-day workshop: One facilitator leading one micro-challenge area.

In this guided environment of two days, teams applied the DT process on their challenges and towards the end - we invited each team to come forward and share their journey with the entire workshop audience - in this way every participant got to see “How Design Thinking was applied in other challenge areas”

We did not stop at that - the last 90 minutes of the workshop was spent on discussing potential barriers and challenges that they would face while applying Design Thinking at work. Taking a step further, we encouraged each participant to create a 2 weeks roadmap on “How would they apply Design Thinking in their work”

What did we achieve:

A perfectly capable CIO office team to handle open-ended and unstructured briefs from internal HCL clients. This CIO office team is now the fountainhead of Design Thinking in HCL Noida. This success story got exposure within HCL & other teams started connecting with us. We now work with multiple such teams within HCL.

Highlight of the project:

Bhawna Narula, AVP at HCL - the key sponsor of the project invited the senior management to participate in this workshop for the first session (1.5 hours). The leadership got so involved in the discussion and the experiential learning that they ended up participating in the entire 2-day workshop – small joys of life 😊

Ramaswamy P V, Vice President & Head Enterprise applications is now one of the champions of Design Thinking at HCL.

CIO Office Adopts DT.

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