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May, 2016


Build a shared organizational vision around ‘What is Design Thinking and why should we adopt it?’


100+ senior executives across 4 functions and 3 geographies have now become Design Thinking champions at Tech Mahindra


Experiential Workshops

In Jan 2015, Infosys went loud about its focus on Design Thinking. In multiple news channels and press articles, Vishal Sikka spoke about training 30,000+ employees on Design Thinking.

This definitely made other IT Service giants such as Tech Mahindra curious about Design Thinking. Tech Mahindra went around speaking with industry experts, consulting companies, academicians trying to understand “What Design Thinking is” and “Why is it relevant to them”. One of these interactions that leaders from Tech Mahindra had was with TinkerLabs.

Tinkerlabs approach on Infosys

Right from the time, Infosys started talking about Design Thinking and their focus on it - we started doing our research on:

  • What are the big changes IT industry is going through

  • What are the challenges IT service companies are dabbling with

  • What are some of the attempts that the industry is making using Design Thinking

  • Why and How did non-IT companies facing similar challenges adopt Design Thinking in the past

Hence, on the project from Tech Mahindra, we were not only geared up to demonstrate our expertise on Design Thinking but also our thorough understanding from the field of IT & why Design Thinking is critical for IT firms.

What happened on ground:

This was not a pure play: help me “Learn Design Thinking” project. We designed a complete learning journey for Tech Mahindra which started with a two hour session on Design Thinking with some leaders. This session helped leaders visualize what Design Thinking could do for them.

  • We then collaborated with them to:

    • Identify functions where Design Thinking could deliver immediate value

    • Identify champions who would drive Design Thinking internally (from a learning standpoint and project execution standpoint)

  • We designed and delivered function specific experiential Design Thinking workshops (pre-sales, consulting, delivery etc.)

  • We designed and shared a toolkit (reference guide) to help participants of the workshop apply Design Thinking on their ongoing projects

What did we achieve:

Within a span of 4 months, we were not just able to kickstart the Design Thinking journey for Tech Mahindra but also take it to an auto-pilot mode where they now have internal champions training teams on Design Thinking and enabling project teams to apply Design Thinking on relevant ongoing projects.

Highlight of the project:

User-centricity and customer experience became such a critical piece within Tech Mahindra that a few months into our project they rebranded their company tagline from:

“Connected World, Connected Solutions” to “Connected World, Connected Experiences”

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